If you are looking for 72 toes we got you covered! 

Scott, Brawny and Charmin are all 7 toes kitties and are looking for a home together if possible. We know what you’re thinking, 3 KITTIES TOGETHER? ❤️But MIRACLES do happen❤️

Our three boys are coming from a neglect situation but having been together is probably what got them through it. Each one has his own personality but they are very bonded. They are self entertaining but at the same time can’t get enough rubbing on you!

Their foster mom says that the three of them are so easy to have and truly no trouble. At first she only had Charmin but it turned out he was very unhappy being separated from his brothers. Since all three are being fostered together, they are quiet and happy.

We know that it takes a very special person to take on three kitties at once but we know that you are out there!!!

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