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Meet Gucci!!!

You can find Gucci on some of the most famous streets in the world, but now you can also find it right here in Vermont! This particular Gucci comes with a bright pink nose that’s so cute, that she should be walking the runway at Paris Fashion Week. Gucci was adopted through us about a year ago, but her owner has had to surrender her due to a relocation where cats aren’t allowed. And here at Justice for Dogs (and Cats!), we make a lifetime commitment to our pets, so we promised to find her a fabulous new home! Maybe it’ll be yours? Gucci is a domestic shorthair with a gorgeous patchwork white tiger coat – Coco Chanel, eat your heart out. And while this 1-year-old girl could command the VIP section of the hottest club in LA, she’s actually completely down-to-earth and very affectionate. She loves sitting by the window and communing with nature, enjoying dinner at a table for one up on her cat condo, and – most of all – she really loves the company of other cats. We hope to see Gucci go to a home with another cat where they can play with a tower of tracks toy together, where she can burrow into her covered bed, and where she can soak up the love and affection of her new family with non-stop tummy rubs. She doesn’t need a designer life, she just needs you!

Please share so Gucci can find her forever home. She is spayed, vaccinated & litter box trained. Fill out the application below if interested. For more information call Amy at 802-472-3894.

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