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Would you please give us a NEW HOME? We are really great kitties and Amy said she would reduce the adoption fee to $100 total for the both of us.


Unfortunately, the current owners living situation has changed and is no longer able to keep them.
Shirley and Adele are sisters, they are about 7.5 years old, and they are indoor cats. Shirley loves to eat, purr, nap, and be as close as possible to people. She will climb on your lap every chance she gets. Adele loves to eat, purr, and nap. She also likes people but from a little more of a distance than Shirley. Both cats are friendly, playful, and totally litter box trained. They do not scratch furniture. They love scratching posts, sitting in the window or sunspots on the floor, playing with toys, and chasing bugs. They do not do well around other cats or dogs. They are fine with children as long as they are not chased or handled roughly. They are just wonderful cats!