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Meet Caspian & Willoughby!

These sweet boys turn heads everywhere they go. Their stunning grey coats and amber eyes give them an air of magic – so much so that we call them our Narnia cats. We could stare at them for hours because we’re pretty sure those eyes hold the secrets to the universe – if only they could talk...Cats like Caspian and Willoughby have been in huge demand ever since the Kardashians adopted a Russian blue of their own, and we approve! These boys can be adopted together or separately, but either way, they are guaranteed to bring a lot of joy to your home. They’re 6 months old and practically identical. While they’re not exactly going to win the WWE championship belt, they do enjoy mock wrestling with each other. If adopted separately, we think they’d love to be in a home with another cat, as they’re little social butterflies. They get excited when you come home and are so happy-go-lucky that they remind us of goofy cartoon cats. It doesn’t take much to win them over – they come running as soon as they hear the POP of a can of wet food, and they love napping on blankets, climbing their skyscraper-tall cat condo, and playing with automatic toys. If one or both of these boys are for you, we suggest upgrading your phone’s storage plan! Your camera roll is going to be FULL of cat pictures.

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