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Eclipse is having a complex as he is wondering WHY he is still waiting for a home? Eclipse's brothers, sister and mom left! Eclipse is loveable, playful and outgoing and he has met several adult cats that he gets along well with. He also enjoys gentle children!

When you adopt a kitten from Justice for Dogs you pay a 100.00 adoption fee.

This is what you receive for that adoption price!

1.The kitten receives 3 rounds of vaccines over a period of weeks .Your kitten is fully vaccinated!

2. The kitten will be spayed or neutered at the appropriate  age.

3.The kitten is treated a few times for worms and fleas .

4.The kitten is litter box trained.

5.The kitten has been socialized.

6. When you adopt a kitten you leave with a bag of supplies that includes handmade bed and blanket ,food the kitten has been eating caned and dry .We also send home cat litter and toys !

You receive a beautiful kitten and all these services and supplies for the very low adoption price of 100.00 or maybe you want 2 kittens for the discounted price of 150.00!

7. If you need a cat carrier to get your kitten home safe we are happy to give you one !

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