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​​All of my life I've had cats and dogs and each one have held a special place in my heart. My partner passed away suddenly last December. It was a blow emotionally and I was a wreck for months. The opportunity to foster a dog was presented to me just at the right time. I knew I wasn't ready to care for a high energy dog requiring a lot of training, walks, prone to accidents that need cleaning up, a chewer etc. Amy at Justice For Dogs thought Izzy would be a perfect companion for me and she was right. Izzy, apparently had been a crate dog and for her 5 or 6 years she was a puppy breeder and kept caged. Her teeth are worn down to the gums from chewing on we don't know what, rocks, bones, cage bars? Luckily she was rescued, found sanctuary in a kennel, actually happy and loved there but not a real home. At first, Izzy slept on her comfortable new bed most of the time and had to be coaxed up to pee, eat etc. She still does a lot of that but loves to be outdoors with me. She'll take a swim in the pond on her own accord, bark a bit when some comes, chase tennis balls and bring them back. She doesn't mind my granddaughter crawling on her. Mainly I know she's happy just being part of the family and being loved. I'm happy too!

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