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Weeks after the loss of my beautiful Corgi, Gwennie, I looked online at dog pictures and came across Millie's picture. Her beautiful, expressive eyes and adorable freckles drew me in!

A little time passed, and I couldn't stop thinking about Millie. So, I called Amy and made an appointment to meet her. It was love at first sight for both of us! She was so calm, loving, and gentle.

Millie is perfect for me. She was two and a half years old, and I didn't wish to get a puppy. I wanted an active dog to walk with me, and spend time outside in nature. We walk 4 to 6 miles a day!

She didn't have "indoor" manners when I first adopted her. It's my understanding she lived outside most of her life. For instance, she grabbed my sandwich, and ate it the first day I brought her home! Then, she decided the dining room table would be a great place to jump up on, etc.!

With kindness, patience, and love, she quickly learned and adapted. She was calm, laid beside the table next to me on her dog bed the next day while I ate, and always does for each meal.

With a lot of love and patience, Millie has blossomed tremendously, and is one of the most intelligent little dogs I've ever known!

I've been socializing her with people from babies to seniors, and plan to do Pet Therapy work with her in the future.

I feel so fortunate and blessed I found Millie, and that Amy had taken such great care of her. The love and devotion Millie gives me is priceless!

There are so many lonely dogs in need of loving homes, who deserve a chance! Thanks so much Amy, and Justice for Dogs and Cats!






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