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Happy Ending ❤️
Ireland and Steven aka Sven have been adopted, by Mickey and Offie, and sent us this picture and also this little write up (so funny😂):

Dear Auntie Claudia (she was our foster mom),

Truth to tell, we were pissed off. Mickey hasn't given us the password to her computer until now, and so we missed the opportunity to give you an eye witness account of our Transition as it happened. The only reason she finally gave in is that she has to work today and realizes we need something to do while she is hosting a private gathering at the gallery. So at last we can write to you with our own paws.

Every day in our new home has been special. From a cool space under the sofa which we claimed as soon as we got here, to the basement we discovered this morning when Offie accidentally left the door open, our new home is a palace and a maze. In fact, I, Sven, have been standing at the basement door, crying since Offie closed it. It has been a little complicated with all the doors behind which there are many treasures, a few of which they don't want us to see just yet. We know because we snuck in a few times and yesterday we knocked over a framed picture that was just leaning against a file. Wouldn't you know the glass broke and Mickey went to pieces. Well, not exactly. She was not pleased, but she was very understanding that she probably shouldn't have left it there in the first place.

We have some new friends. Marcie and Allen paid us a visit on Thursday and we gave them many kisses. Laura sent over some toys, which we have played with so hard we've almost destroyed one already. We "found" a little bag of catnip in the middle of last night and consumed it by daybreak. Luckily "day" was the only thing that broke, though we did not try to hide the evidence. We'd say that was quite honest of us.

The food here is great. We eat lots of it and ask for more and we clean our plates. Same with treats which Mickey has to hide. In the evening, we all watch television and stream movies together. Ireland is not as keen on the movies as I am, but in fact I attempt to sleep in Mickey's lap, while she is watching. We also caught up with the news watching Washington Week in Review so as to stay up to date.

Even though we are getting adjusted and realize we are pretty lucky, we know our luck began when we met you. Thank you for taking such good care of us and providing a beautiful view out the window. We hope you will come visit us soon, and we'll tell you when it'd be a good time for you to come over. Please remember us to all our friends in the Happy Heart Sanctuary and Mia.

There's a picture attached to prove we're getting culture.

Love, your guys,

Sven and Ireland

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