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Last spring we lost our beloved furbaby, Mona. Fannie, our elderly dog, was quite lonely and going downhill very quickly. Amy knew we were looking for a new member for our family to help bring healing and some happiness. Talking to her one day she mentioned that she had a sheltie that she thought might fit the bill so we packed Fannie into the car and went to check him out. Contrary to her normal response to other dogs, Fannie took to the little guy immediately. So, we brought him home with us. 

We needed a new name for his new life and he responded right away to Ubu (oo-boo) so Ubu he is. Amy let us know a bit about his background and that he was not used to house life so we knew there were going to be challenges and there were. He was not house trained and no matter how long he was outside he would defecate in the house. Ubu started regurgitating his meals in his second week here, of course on the new rug. And he had attachment issues, never willing to go out without one of us with him. I will admit that around week two I was nearly in tears with frustration but knowing the 3-3-3 rule           , I continued to patiently and with great love teach him this foreign language. And, at week three, everything clicked and all problems disappeared. He is now the perfect dog for us as Amy had suspected. Fannie has found her puppy self, the cats like him, I take him for long walks around the farm off leash with no fear of him running off, and he even ignores the chickens. We are thrilled with our little dude and can't imagine life without him now.

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